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Waste the Afterlife

You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste the afterlife?

Why wouldn't you waste the afterlife?
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Art Journal of Kira Jue
Hey, this is the personal art journal for ninkira. This is where a lot of my sketches, concepts, ideas, comics and art barfs will be posted- so usually stuff not found on my DeviantART site, but more! 8) None of these are to be moved from this site, however flattering that may be to find an icon of your work, it's still stealing and I'm posting these things to general entertainment and feedback, not for sharing ideas.
Really, anyone can join or watch the community. I love comments and feedback, it makes me feel better about my art and gets me into producing more work. Sometimes I'll make icons that people can use, with credit. So, here are some rules:

1. Don't steal. :) This includes original ideas, names, places, building layouts, etc.
2. If I post a graphic up and say it is for open use, please credit me.
3. Don't alter anything posted on this site or hotlink/post it elsewhere.

You can request advise on your art or something, I love to see good ideas, and what kind of a person would I be to request feedback if I offered none in return? :D

So, have fun!