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05 April 2008 @ 05:57 pm
First Post FTW  
Okay, so I did end up making the sketch Journal after all. x)

And I made some sketches specially for the journal! 8) Yaay..

This is the Primoris (link), really just me trying to figure out how the eff I'm going to color her. I think I like the blue collar. I was looking up Tibetan clothes, and there's this really fantastic shade of turquoise that I didn't quite get here, but I liked. But how that goes with her central theme of crimson... ah, I dunno. And she's got these fantastic violet eyes. Visually, her hood being red would look the best, but I don't want a Little Red Riding Hood effect going on.

Lolercopter! Of course, Boxing Bear is also Saelind's creation (from DA).
Still sick- I'll post later.
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